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ремонт в трассовых условиях по качеству и надёжности не уступает заводскому ремонту труб







В нашей компании впервые в мировой практике разработана технология трассовой изоляции линейной части промысловых и магистральных  нефтегазопроводов посредством термоусаживающихся лент для целей капитального строительства и капитального ремонта. Покрытие – трёхслойное: состоит из термоусаживающейся ленты низкотемпературного нанесения «НРЛ-60» 2.0х225мм совместно с эпокси-полимерным однокомпонентным праймером «ЭПП», и по материалам полностью идентично 3-х слойной заводской экструзионной изоляции весьма усиленного типа (ВУС).

For the first time in the world practice, our company has created an anticorrosion protection technology for long sections of main pipelines in route conditions on the basis of heat-shrinkable tapes. The structure of the coating is three-layered, composed of a two-layer heat-shrink tape for insulation of joints plus an one-component epoxy-polymer primer and completely identical to the design of the three-layered extrusion polyethylene insulation.

Scope of the technology:

1. Re-insulation and repair of main oil and gas pipelines in line conditions;

2. Isolation of local and short sections of pipelines;

3. Insulation of pipes in the factory;

4. Isolation of main oil and gas pipelines in line conditions for the capital construction of new pipelines

Advantages of the technology:

- three-layer coating design, identical to the factory extrusion insulation;

- the guaranteed lifetime of the coating exceeds 40 years;

- high speed (up to 100 m / min) of insulation works;

- 100% automation of insulation works and absence of errors due to human factor;

- Replacement and installation of rolls on the insulating machine without stopping the technological process;

- no need for expensive cuffs for insulation of the joint and laborious works for their installation; - the absence of workers in the trench during the production of works, high ecology in the work area;

- reduction in the number of personnel in the mechanized column; - Lower cost of works and materials in comparison with known coating designs (for example: epoxy, polyurethane and bitumen-polymer coatings).

- The technology does not depend on the ambient temperature (-30 to +50 ° C) and wind loads. - Low electrical and thermal energy consumption of equipment&

LLC "New coating technologies" invites all the interested companies specializing in the field of operation and repair of the main oil and gas pipelines for joint introduction of new technology. We are ready for various forms of cooperation, including as:

- a supplier of basic and auxiliary materials and equipment;

- contractor for the performance of insulation works;

- the founder of a joint resident company with the transfer of rights to use materials, technology and know-how. With respect and hope for successful joint work, General Director Ivan Rasstrigin

Description of the sequence of operations and thermodynamic regimes:

- cleaning of old insulation to grade 4 according to VSN 008-88 (construction norms of the Russian Federation);

- Preheating the pipe to a temperature of + 40-45°C;

- application of epoxy-polymer primer "NRL-EPP", thickness 60-80 μm,

- application of heat-shrinkable tape "NRL-ST60"; The temperature of the tape adhesive layer at the moment of contact with the primer is 75-80°C and is in a viscous-flowing state

- the final heat shrinkage of the coating, the temperature on the surface of the tape is +110°C. Replacement of the roll - about 1.5 minutes, developed the technology of the so-called "аn endless roll." The speed of the column is about 60-80 m / h. Tests for adhesion to polymers and steel - 13-14 kg / 2 cm. The character of the bundle in 100% of cases is cohesion